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Heavy Duty & Turbine Mechanics

Our teams of specialized & certified industrial technicians have the skill and
experience provide full support for diagnostics, repair and refit capabilities.
We have the expertise to provide service from as small as 4 cylinder diesel to V
From sailing yachts to Executive power yachts we are up to the task of exceeding
customers expectations.
Gas Turbine services, repair and maintenance available upon request, including
driveline services for private and government clients.
We can help you develop a preventive maintenance plan for your maritime needs, so you can avoid costly downtime the road.

Industrial Electrical Systems

Electrical installation: We can install new electrical systems as well as provideing mainteniance for your maritime needs.
Electrical repair: We can diagnose and troubleshoot as well as repair any electrical issues in your maritime equipment, from 12V DC circuit to a complex 600V 3-phase system or safety instrumentation.
Electrical evaluation: We can audit your industrial electrical system to ensure that it complies with all applicable code and  safety regulations.

Fabrication & Welding

We specialize in custom fabrication and welding, from specialized alloys to mild steel for your maritime specifications from high-pressure piping to pressure vessels and structural hall repair. We have the expertise to fabricate and weld a wide range of materials, from:

  • Hulls
  • Decks
  • Engines
  • Plate
  • Machinery
  • Pressure vessels

We adhere to the highest industry specifications and standards as well as engineered welding procedures.

Worldwide Service, professional expertise.

Shipwright Services

We offer a wide range of shipwright services, including:

  • Hull repairs
  • Engine repairs
  • Machinery repairs
  • Pressure repairs
  • Custom fabrication
  • Electronics & Navigation

Electronics & Navigation

Yachts and specialized ships are equipped with a wide range of electronics and navigation systems, which are essential for safe operation.

Our team of technicians has years of experience working on a wide range of electronics and navigation systems,  including: Radar, Sonar, GPS, VHF radios, AIS, ECDIS, Inmarsat, SATCOM, RADAR, Navigation Systems, Communication Systems, Security Systems and Automation Systems, NEMA 2000.
We can repair or replace any component of your electronics or navigation system, and we provide preventive maintenance programs to keep your systems running in optimal performance.

We are Global, Certified & Fully licensed insured and bonded.